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Arts Education Resources

The American Alliance for Arts Education
The American Alliance for Arts Education is a national organization providing teachers with valuable arts resources. You can join the alliance or find out about their projects and programs.

Arts Education Partnership
National, state, and community groups sponsor art education in many ways. They can provide guest speakers, resource information, and exhibitions of professional and student work. For support and resources to encourage the appreciation of art outside the classroom, visit the Arts Education Partnership.

Educator's Reference Desk
Teachers can find professional development resources and a collection of excellent lesson plans created by teachers by connecting to the resources at Educator's Reference Desk.

The Getty Institute for the Arts in Education
The Getty Institute for the Arts in Education provides valuable teaching strategies and curriculum ideas.

The Kennedy Center for Arts Education
The Kennedy Center for Arts Education and ArtsEdge is an invaluable resource. The ArtsEdge site is a comprehensive and diverse collection of visual and performing arts, lesson plans, exhibits, and forums.

Smithsonian Education
Smithsonian Education provides a variety of resources for teachers and students. The educator section offers lesson plans, virtual field trip information, and professional development. The student area features interactive content modules, called IdeaLabs, on topics such as United States presidents and walking on the moon.

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Community, National, and International Resources

The American Arts Alliance
The American Arts Alliance home page provides more resources for teachers and links art educators to a list of state and local organizations supporting the arts.

Community Arts Partnerships
For information on Community Arts Partnerships, musical arts, and integration of the arts, the California Institute of the Arts has student and teacher resources available on their Internet home page.

International Society for the Performing Arts Foundation
The International Society for the Performing Arts Association promotes and encourages involvement in all the performing arts for students and teachers.

The National Assembly of State Arts Agencies
The National Assembly of State Arts Agencies maintains a complete, searchable listing of state arts organizations for your convenience.

The National Endowment for the Humanities
At the National Endowment for the Humanities, teachers may find ideas and educational programs combining arts and humanities.

National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts
Arts councils help raise awareness of the need for arts education in and out of the classroom. Artists and patrons associated with arts councils can be valuable resources to the teacher interested in promoting and enhancing school arts programs.

National Society for Arts and Letters
Encourage young artists through the opportunities provided by the National Society of Arts and Letters.

Young Audiences National Organization
Through programs sponsored by the Young Audiences National Organization, teachers will have opportunities to bring students face to face with professional performing and visual artists.

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Galleries and Cultural Resources

NYFA Interactive
Arts Wire Online provides articles and opportunities for communication and forums within the arts community. Browse their extensive database or become a member.

Internet Art Resources
Find links to art galleries, artists' pages, and an image catalogue. Allow this site to help you find the art resources you need.

Open Studio
Open Studio provides artists with the technology support they may be lacking. The site offers free Internet access and lists local training workshops that are provided nationwide to support artists and non-profit organizations. The site also offers arts networking opportunities and links to other art resources.

African-American Artists
Discover resources and art links that showcase contemporary African and African-American artists.

Islamic and Arabic Arts
Resources dedicated to promoting information on Islamic art can be found at the non-profit Islamic Arts and Architecture site. Find links to museums that exhibit Islamic art, historical information, and links to articles on the subject.

Young Latino Artists
Explore and encourage development of youth in the arts at the Young Latino Artists Internet site.

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