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How to Use this Site

How to Use this Site

Glencoe’s Art Web site was developed with the art teacher’s needs in mind. We offer a wide variety of resources and activities, arranged and organized to enrich teachers’ and students’ experience of art by offering alternative options for art education.

3 Easy Resources
By browsing the homepage of art.glencoe.com, you will notice that the information on this site can be broken down into three general categories: the book site, general student resources, and general teacher resources.

Book Sites
On each book site, you'll find activities, games, and many other elements appropriate for your students. For teachers, each site also contains national and state standard correlations and Web links correlated to each chapter. Click on Find Your Book Here to select the appropriate state and textbook.

General Student Resources
When you arrive at the student resources section of art.glencoe.com, you will find an abundance of information for your students, including:

  • Student Art Gallery: This online gallery is the perfect place for your students to display their art to the world. Learn more in the Teacher Resources section about how you can submit your students’ artworks.
  • Interactive Games: Here you will find various concentration games in which your students are asked to match an artwork with its artist or artistic style.
  • Artist Profiles: These snapshots of major artists’ lives and contributions to art are an ideal reference for you and your students.
  • Web Links: These links direct your students to specific museums for exploration, as well as lead them to multimedia references in the areas of art technique and art history.

In addition, be sure your students click on Career Corner to learn more about art careers and art colleges. This resource is great for introducing students to the diverse careers available in the arts, and it is an excellent way for students to explore the various art colleges throughout the country.

General Teacher Resources
By clicking on Teacher Resources on the art.glencoe.com homepage, you will find a platform that offers many resources and insights into the world of art education, including:

  • Teacher’s Lounge: As a message board format, Teachers’ Lounge gives teachers access to a global community of knowledge right from their desktops. Simply post your topic via the Post New Topic link, and check back frequently to read colleagues solutions or reply to others’ ideas and issues.
  • Art Resources: Here you will find information about arts education resources; community, national, and international resources; and galleries and cultural resources.
  • Museums: Be sure to link to some of the most renowned museums in the world.
  • Educational Resources: Here you will find the latest information on educational conferences, grants, contests, and agencies.
  • Professional Development Articles: Learn about some of the most popular topics in art education, including peer coaching, mentoring, observation, online education, and museum education.

In addition to the Teacher Resources section, be sure to click on Professional Development, which will link you to Glencoe’s Teaching Today. At this site, you can find Tips of the Day, an abundance of classroom materials for you to download, as well as in-depth education articles.

Ways to Use Glencoe’s Art Web Site
The following are a number of ways you can use Glencoe’s Art Web Site to help your students learn.

Focus the Lesson
As you start a lesson, invite students to visit Glencoe’s Art Web Site and find the sections of the site that deal with the specific chapter you’re studying. Give students an opportunity to check out some of the links that are presented, as well as some of the activities available.

Key Concepts
Invite students to visit Glencoe’s Art Web Site to learn more about the key concepts addressed in the chapter. Students can find activities to build their skills and enhance their problem-solving abilities. They can also find interactive games that reinforce the concepts of the chapter.

After completing a chapter, visit Glencoe’s Art Web Site for extensions to the chapter content. Invite students to use the site to do their own research on topics they found interesting or to review vocabulary terms presented in the chapter.

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