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Parent Letters—Spanish

Unit 1: Taking Charge of Your Health
Chapter 1: Understanding Your Health
Chapter 2: Health Skills: The Foundation
Chapter 3: Being a Health Consumer
Unit 2: Building Safe and Healthy Relationships
Chapter 4: Mental and Emotional Health
Chapter 5: Promoting Social Health
Chapter 6: Relationships: The Teen Years
Chapter 7: Conflict Resolution
Unit 3: Physical Health and Fitness
Chapter 8: Nutrition for Health
Chapter 9: Physical Activity and Fitness
Chapter 10: Your Body Image
Unit 4: Make Safe and Drug Free Decisions
Chapter 11: Medicines and Drugs
Chapter 12: Tobacco
Chapter 13: Alcohol
Unit 5: Understanding Your Body
Chapter 14: Personal Care
Chapter 15: Your Body Systems
Chapter 16: Growth and Development
Unit 6: Diseases and Disorders
Chapter 17: Communicable Diseases
Chapter 18: NonCommunicable Diseases
Unit 7: Safety Outdoors
Chapter 19: Safety and Emergencies
Chapter 20: Environmental Health

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